KEB, 8.2021

Karen Elizabeth Bishop is a UK/US poet, translator, and scholar

Brought up along Scotland’s Moray Firth Then to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Austin, Sevilla, Berkeley, the Alps, Paris, Boston, New Jersey, back and forth to Sevilla

Wanted to be a flautist, lounge singer, baker, geologist, or to teach literature PhD in Comparative Literature 

Teach at Rutgers Associate Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature Director of Critical Translation Studies Initiative Former New Faculty Fellow of American Council of Learned Societies Former Lecturer in History and Literature at Harvard 

Teach and research in contemporary world poetry and narrative, form, translation, human rights, torture, exile, mourning and commemoration, geopoetics, scale, cartography, theories of space and place, architecture and urban studies Work in Spanish, English, and French Currently preoccupied with edges, intrusions, veins With how things hold together With new lyric forms With our shared lyric future

the deering hour out from Ornithopter Press in September 2021 Recent or forthcoming work in Modern Poetry in TranslationNew Writing Scotland 40, Bennington Review, Poetry Northwest, Action Fokus from Action Books Shortlisted for the 2023 Alpine Fellowship Poetry Prize